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    5 quick tips to deliver smashing customer service

    Harry Middleton - Mar 14 th, 2016


    Hi I’m Raheem, part of the People Power team here at the hub (the guy on the right above). As you may already know, I’m currently doing an apprenticeship in the banking sector.  When I first started as an apprentice I found it challenging, but I soon whipped myself into shape by demonstrating fantastic customer service skills and getting used to the early starts (waking up on time).

    A customers experience is based on the quality of the service provided, and as long as the service is proper, you can take pride knowing that their return was based on a pleasant interaction with you.

    Customer service doesn’t have to be that scary monster that keeps you up at night; here are some top tips that kept me on the right path.

    1. Eye contact and a smile from the beginning will go a long way. Attentiveness keeps the customer coming back.
    2. Take an interest, the customer is a person too. Get to know them and build relationships, it’s all in the detail.
    3. Forget about the queue, it’s all about the customer in front of you. Every customer will value that you focus and meet their needs, no matter how long it takes.
    4. There will be times when things don’t go as well as you hoped but the main thing is to learn from the experience.
    5. Finally for all of the baby faces including me, “are you old enough to work here” will be every customers’ go to joke, sometimes you’ve just got to laugh it off.

    You’ll find customer service is a vital skill in any job / apprenticeship, so I hope these tips help!