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    Introducing People Power

    Harry Middleton - Mar 7 th, 2016

    Here at the Sutton Apprenticeship Hub it’s our mission to provide as much advice as possible on apprenticeships. We thought to ourselves, what better way to do it than having a team of past and present apprentices to share their experience? May we introduce you to People Power.

    People Power is social interactive initiative, powered by the people who have found their feet through the apprenticeship route. We have assembled a team of top local apprentices, and asked them to share their positive experiences in a number of ways – you’ll be seeing a few of their blogs published very soon.

    Let’s meet the People Power team so far…

    • Raheem Zwane – Raheem is a Banking & Finance Apprentice at Metro Bank Sutton. He is very much a people person, and customer service is a vital part of his role at the bank. He is a cheeky chap, who has mastered the professional/fun work balance as an apprentice. We’re actually still waiting for a profile image from him; he wanted us to give him longer to grow his beard out to avoid people thinking he was a baby. We did however get a sneaky shot of him at People power training…


    • Nicola French – Nicola is a Digital Marketing Apprentice at Ashton-Paul Limited. Part of Nicola’s job is to be hot on social media, by keeping up with the latest trends and executing some fine content in her company’s tone of voice. In the light of the latest video to go viral on social, “Daaam Nicola!”
    • Ashley Farrell – Assistant Electrician Apprentice at Watkins Cole (more info coming soon)
    • Rachel Valentine – Hairdressing Apprentice at Sean Hanna (more info coming soon)

    You’ll be hearing from our fantastic team very soon, and we hope they will help you in your journey towards an apprenticeship.

    Harry, Apprenticeship Hub Manager