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    Childcare Nursery Apprentice

    Childcare Nursery Apprentice

    Project description:

    Lottie’s Nurseries Limited located in Bromley is looking for a Level 2 Apprentice to join their team. Some key Duties that go with this role:

    • To assist the children during play time and meals.
    • To make sure the nursery is clean and tidy at all times.
    • To follow health and safety regulations of the nursery.
    • To be a good role model for the children.
    • To help and support your team members when needed.

    it is important that you are dedicated and hard working to benefit the most from this Apprenticeship. A positive attitude and a “can do” spirit will be vital in order to have the necessary skills to complete the Apprenticeship.

    Training Provider:

    Level of apprenticeship:

    • Level 2

    Age range:

    • '


    • 122.50