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    Wonderfully Weird Apprenticeships

    GetAhead - Dec 24 th, 2015

    Christmas is a wonderful time of year, a big bearded man dressed in red can be found on every high street in-between the market stalls that sell everything from trinkets to Turkish delight. Inspired by the funny festive season we have found some of the most unusual apprenticeships around, to prove that with apprenticeships, the opportunities are endless.

    Now, it’s not easy to decide what career path to choose, but we think that there is something for everyone with the selection of apprenticeships below.

    Chocolatier –

    As I wipe the drool from my mouth I think I speak for most girls at least when I say that this sounds like heaven. Although the job doesn’t consist of eating chocolate all day (sad face) a chocolatier will learn the art of chocolate making and crafting packaging. Mmmmm chocolate.

    Diamond Mounter –

    Does the sound of diamonds bring a sparkle to your eye? This creative industry would see you designing jewellery with precious stones and metal.

    Crime Scene Photographer –

    A real life CSI role, the photographer is responsible for an accurate reproduction of the scene for investigation and legal use. A very important role, but not one for the faint hearted!

    Radio Plugger –

    For all the music lover out there, this could be for you. A radio plugger’s main role is to get a band played on the radio, sourcing the best audio outlets to get a new song noticed.

    Fish Husbandry –

    What is this you ask? Monitoring and caring for fish, maintaining their health, preventing disease and enhancing their environment. N.B. must say no to fish n’ chips for dinner.

    Cabin Crew –

    Not really weird, but pretty cool. A great option for people who want to go travelling and see more of the world, but can’t afford to. I wonder what it feels like to be paid at 40,000 feet in the air…

    This is just a taste of the weird and wacky apprenticeships available all over the UK. Of course if you want to do something more mainstream we think we have something for you right here in Sutton! Come back in January to find out what we have available to you on our Live Jobs Board, where you can search and apply for local apprenticeships.

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