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    GetAhead - Dec 18 th, 2015

    This week marked the nail biting interviews on The Apprentice. If you saw it you will know that most of the candidates received an absolute grilling!

    Those interviewers are tough cookies, meet them here –

    Unless you’re a cheese sandwich, being grilled is not so good. Please read on for tips on how to avoid a grilling in an interview.

    1. Be honest: As we saw with Tricky Dicky (or Richard), you will be caught out bending the truth. If you feel like you don’t have enough credible assets to get the job, focus on what you know you’re good at. This will enable the employer to see the real you, and you’re more likely to build a rapport with the potential employer if you know what you’re talking about.
    2. Simplify: Tricky Dicky was also a culprit of what we like to call ‘ultra-waffling’. Try not to overcomplicate things – if you get straight to the point and use real-life examples to back up your point, it gives something for the interviewer to visualise and relate to.
    3. Be prepared – As for young Joseph, he got most of his interviews spot on. He was ready for all questions being fired his way, and was able to recite areas of Lord Sugar’s book that he had referred to in his CV. Key learning from this is to research potential interview questions that might come up. It’s best to look into both general questions and ones that are specific for the job / industry you are applying for.
    4. Look professional – So Joseph finally got rid of his infamous ‘tash’ that made him look like he was part of a Mexican drug cartel – to Lord Sugar’s delight! Scrub up and look like you’re ready to get stuck in. We’re aware that many jobs have gradually ‘casualised’ their dress code in recent years, but this doesn’t mean to say you shouldn’t dress to impress in your interview. Look smart, act smart.

    Keep an eye out for our interview tips free download which will be available in the New Year, which will have lots more valuable tips!