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    Make your money go further in January

    GetAhead - Jan 13 th, 2016

    As some of us know, January is a month of financial recovery in the aftermath of Christmas. We thought we’d help out by compiling a few of our favourite penny pinching deals we’ve seen this month.

    1. 20% off at Topman – One for the lads who are hot on their fashion. If you find yourself in a Topman store this month and a new season delight catches your eye, don’t be shy to ask for one of these 20% off vouchers from behind the counter. If they don’t have any vouchers left in-store, simply find what you desire online and use the code JAN20 to get 20% off the full price item.


    Things to note:

    • Copies of the voucher will not be accepted in-store, so be sure to ask for a spare one
    • 20% will be deducted from full priced new season items only
    • Valid until 31st January


    1. Earn freebies and rewards with Swipii – If you’re a loyal customer to many local brands in and around Sutton, then a Swipii card is your new best friend. Every time you scan your free Swipii card when you shop, you’ll collect points that will lead to awesome rewards. For example, if you collect 50 points at Charlie’s Sweet Emporium in Sutton, you’ll get 10% off your next purchase over £5. You can find which of your favourite local stores are on the platform here.


    1. £1.29 Double Cheeseburgers at Burger King – Does anyone remember when a Double Cheeseburger at Burger King was a ‘whoppering’ £3.59 – rip off, right? Considering that the McDonald’s equivalent has always been less than £1.49, it seems like a no brainer for where to go for your cheap burger fix… until now. Burger King has put the flame in the grill, by adding its Chilli Cheese and Original burgers to the menu for just £1.29 Let the Double Cheeseburger wars commence!


    1. Exclusive 12% discount on your 16-25 Railcard – TfL are hiking their prices up, with fares increasing by 2% at the start of January for most journeys across London. However, our friends at NUS are helping us out by offering an exclusive 12% off one year Railcards, meaning you can get one for just £26.40. Being a Railcard holder, you’ll get 33% off your rail fares in London and gain access to exclusive discounts from partners, including activities such as sightseeing and theatre tickets. You’d be off your rails not to get one.



    These are some of our favourite deals and discounts, but if you spot any that you’d like to share with us share it on our Facebook or Twitter pages or Whatsapp us 07761 841464 and we will include it in the next post.