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    Meet a local apprentice star!

    GetAhead - Dec 11 th, 2015

    A feature article in the Times yesterday brought to light that it is tougher to get into the Nissan’s apprenticeship scheme than it is to get into Oxford or Cambridge… now that is a statistic that will surprise many!

    At the Hub we know that hard-working apprentices all over Sutton are helping companies of all sizes to reach their business goals. Today we are giving one of our stars the spotlight.

    Meet Tashia Cameron – Public relations and marketing extraordinaire

    Tashia has spent the last three years at a Sutton PR and marketing agency, where she completed levels 2 & 3 of her apprenticeship, and has worked her way to an Account Manager role, managing accounts with her own team.


    Following her apprenticeship Tashia was still keen to learn more about the industry and decided to embark on a Chartered Institute of Personnel and Develop qualification in marketing. At the tender age of 20 Tashia was notified that she is one of the youngest people to ever complete the qualification, which is the equivalent of a Bachelor’s degree.

    Impressive right? We think that Tashia deserves a big round of applause for her hard work and determination.

    Let’s find out more from the superstar herself.

    Why did you choose an apprenticeship?

    My last year of college I started off by applying to university with a range of subjects in mind, but as I started writing my personal statement I realised that I didn’t feel passionate enough about a specific subject so I started looking at alternative options.

    When I read about apprenticeships, and the types of companies that were employing apprentices, I thought that it could be a better option for me to learn more about what I might enjoy to do as a career.

    What did your apprenticeship do for you?

    On reflection I have realised that my apprenticeship taught me so much more than PR and marketing skills. When I first started back in 2012 I had to learn how to behave in an office environment, how to dress appropriately in front of clients, how to speak to clients over the phone, in email and face to face, how to work with others efficiently, and so much more.

    If I had studied outside of the work place I would not have picked up these skills, and so for that I can confidently say that my apprenticeship has provided me with education and personal growth. I have also been able to live at home and earn some money, which is more than I can say for some of my friends who chose alternative routes.

    I feel a sense of achievement having completed my CIM course this year and I am also well on my way into my career. My options have really opened up, where as some of my friends are finishing up university now and have the tough job of looking for work.

    What would you recommend to young people today?

    There are lots of options for young people these days, and it is important to look at all of your options. Speak to people in school, and out of school, and if possible people who have tried out alternative routes.

    The Apprenticeship Hub has a great resource for young people to ask local apprentices questions. I will be on there, along with other types of apprentices answering any questions you may have.