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    National Apprenticeship Week 2017

    GetAhead - Mar 3 rd, 2017

    National Apprenticeship Week (NAW) is around the corner.

    From 6th to 10th March, NAW 2017 will celebrate apprenticeships, across all industries, and all levels, with the theme ‘ladder of opportunity’.

    In its 10th anniversary year, the week will give everyone involved in the apprenticeship community the perfect chance to celebrate individual stories of career progression over the last decade from traineeships through to higher and Degree apprenticeships.

    During National Apprenticeship Week, employers and apprentices from across England will come together to demonstrate the many benefits that apprenticeships can bring. The week will also aim to encourage more employers to take on apprentices and individuals to choose an apprenticeship as a ladder of opportunity to a great career.


    • There were 1,656,680 online apprenticeship applications in 2015 to 2016
    • In 2015 to 2016, there were 899,400 apprentice starts in England
    • Up to 28,000 apprenticeship vacancies are available online at any one time
    • Apprenticeships are available in 1500 job roles, covering more than 170 industries, from advertising to youth work and from environmental engineering to legal
    • There are currently 100 higher and degree apprenticeships available, with more in development, including foundation degrees, HNDs and full honours degrees. These include job roles ranging from legal services to banking and engineering

    Why should you celebrate NAW 2017? The benefits are endless.


    Apprenticeships are a great way to introduce enthusiastic talent with fresh ideas. By investing in young people, you are providing yourself with the skilled workers required to future-proof your business.

    As of April 2016, if you employ an apprentice below the age of 25, you will no longer be required to pay employer National Insurance contributions for them.

    • Employers say that qualified apprentices are 15% more employable than those with other qualifications
    • There w
      ere more than 250,000 employer workplaces with an apprentice in 2014/15
    • According to research published in June 2015, apprenticeships at Level 2 and Level 3 deliver £26 and £28 of economic benefits respectively for each pound of government investment
    • Apprenticeships boost productivity to businesses by on average £214 per week
    • Apprenticeships enable businesses to grow their skills base resulting in increased profits, lower prices and better products
    • 87% of employers said they were satisfied with their apprenticeship programme
    • 76% of employers say that productivity has improved
    • 75% of employers reported that apprenticeships improved the quality of their product or service




    With an apprenticeship, you can take your first steps into almost any industry without 5 A*-Cs in GCSEs and still work your way up to a degree level that universities offer without the fees attached. They give you the experience in the industry that universities and colleges cannot offer, that gives you an edge over post-graduates.

    Some businesses can even guarantee a full-time job upon completion of the course and between 2014/15, 71 percent of apprentices remained with their employers (see below).

    You start earning a salary and with the increasing appeal of employing apprentices, businesses are competing to offer a higher salary which means you could earn more than £200+ a week.

    • After finishing, most apprentices (90%) stay in employment (including 2% self-employed), with seven in ten (71%) staying with the same employer
    • A quarter of former apprentices had been promoted (23%) within 12 months of finishing
    • 89% of apprentices are satisfied with their apprenticeship
    • 85% of apprentices said their ability to do the job had improved, and 83% of apprentices said their career prospects had improved
    • On average, individuals with an advanced apprenticeship earn between £77,000 and £117,000 more over their lifetime than similar individuals with Level 2 qualifications
    • Those completing a higher apprenticeship could see increased earnings of an estimated £150,000 over their lifetime
    • Nearly a fifth (19%) of advanced apprentices progress to higher education over time following their apprenticeship

    Calling all parents, teachers and employers! Here’s five ways to get involved – no excuses.

    Parents – including mums and dads with children aged 16 – 19, living somewhere in Surrey.

    1. Register to the Sutton Apprenticeship Hub website as a parent and receive regular information and newsletters about apprenticeship opportunities for your child.
    2. Ensure your child attends a minimum of ONE event during National Apprenticeship Week, and go along to support them. You can find details on our latest newsletter, or contact us.
    3. Set aside an hour of your day to sit down with your child and go through the ‘Apprenticeship Vacancies’ page on the Sutton Apprenticeship Hub website, to help and advise them on the different types of jobs on offer, and which ones they should apply for.
    4. Offer support to your child by proof-checking their CV, covering letters, and giving them reassurance when applying for apprenticeships. Encouragement is powerful.
    5. Attend all school parents evening sessions and careers events to stay informed about future opportunities for your child and try your best to remain neutral when providing guidance.

    Teachers – including tutors, careers advisers, careers educators and anyone offering information, advice and guidance to young people about skills, training, employment and career prospects.

    1. Invite the Sutton Apprenticeship Hub team to your school to give a presentation to your students, explaining the benefits of apprenticeships and local opportunities in Sutton.
    2. Add the Sutton Apprenticeship Hub URL ( to your website and promote National Apprenticeship Week on Facebook and Twitter using the hashtag #NAW2017 and tag us @getaheadSutton.
    3. Ask parents if they were apprentices and if they would be willing to speak in your school or college on their experiences or arrange for students to visit apprenticeship workplaces.
    4. Host an apprenticeship workshop / event in school where young people are able to register on the Sutton Apprenticeship Hub and the Find an Apprenticeship recruitment site.
    5. Invite former students who took the apprenticeship route to visit the school to share their experiences.

    Employers – including major companies, SMEs and anyone else who has hired an apprentice

    1. Celebrate past apprentices, apprentices with you now and the success they have had. Any apprentice that was with your organisation in 2006/7 and is still with you now should be celebrated – on social media and in any other external marketing communications.
    2. Organise a job swap / back to the floor experience where a senior manager spends a morning shadowing an apprentice or trainee and they swap in the afternoon, so the apprentice/trainee gets the opportunity to find out what it’s like to be a senior manager for a few hours!
    3. Ask some of your apprentices or trainees to start a video, Instagram or Twitter diary of their day to help create content for your website and social media channels.
    4. Share your apprentice stories with us – we would love to receive case studies from your employees who started their career with you as an apprentice, especially if this was 10 years ago. They might now be a manager, director or the MD!
    5. Alternatively, take photographs or produce a short film of your apprentices in the workplace with items they have made or services they are responsible for and tweet or post on Facebook using the hashtag #NAW217 and tag us @getaheadSutton.

    If you’re passionate about apprenticeships and want to celebrate NAW 2017 with us, please get in touch with the Sutton Apprenticeship Hub team to collaborate!

    Email us at