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    Ryan Emmerson

    Business Administration

    Surrey, London

    About Ryan:

    Ever since I had found out about apprenticeships in my last year of sixth form, I was determined to become an apprentice. I did not have a particular job role in mind, but I was passionate about entering the corporate world, so I decided to look for apprenticeships and jobs in the area of business administration.

    I found my current apprenticeship after one of my family members recommended looking on Sutton Council’s website, as there were a few different vacancies available. This was what led me to my current apprenticeship in business administration today.

    The apprenticeship itself has more than exceeded my expectations. It has taught me so much about how to work effectively in a business, especially in a corporate environment. Key skills I have learnt and improved on include minute taking and analysis of key meetings, performance management through working closely with the Programme Office Manager and public communication skills through managing enquiries and bookings for the town centre. What I have enjoyed most is being part of a helpful and friendly team, who have provided me with many opportunities to develop my skills and made me feel very involved in the wider team.

    I am always keen to gain more knowledge of the industry, which is why my biggest achievement so far is to have been accepted to move onto the Level 4 Business Administration apprenticeship with my current team. It just summarises the excellent year that I have had with Opportunity Sutton, and I am now looking forward to taking on more responsibility within my job role.

    To provide an outlook to other aspriring apprentices,
    here is what I get up to on a day-to-day basis:

    • Providing administrative assistance to various meetings (booking rooms, sending invites, liaising with attendees etc.)
    • Actively monitoring the team’s mailbox and responding to enquiries / booking requests
    • Providing assistance with IT where needed, including updating our website’s content
    • Providing general administrative assistance (answering phone calls and taking messages for the team, responding to emails and preparing & printing documents.)
    • Assisting the Programme Office Manager with various tasks, including monitoring milestones, preparing process documents for various programs and organising deadlines for key meetings in the calendars of my team

    In the future I would love to work in project management or in a role that helps to provide placements for apprentices, as I have had such an excellent experience that I would very much like to pass onto others.

    What Ryan’s employer says

    “Ryan started his apprenticeship with Opportunity Sutton with an extremely positive approach to learning new skills. Ryan picked up the council's processes very quickly and he has always given one hundred percent in every project he has been involved in. Ryan's written and verbal communication skills have really improved since he started in the team. Ryan now attends high level boards meetings where he takes and produces minutes which are of an excellent standard.

    Ryan is an extremely organised person and can work independently, he is able to effectively multi-task to ensure that all his jobs are completed within the proscribed time scale. Ryan is always willing to offer his assistance and has an excellent rapport with all of his colleagues.

    One of Ryan's key achievements last month was to assist with the departments migration to the Modern Desktop. Ryan provided the team with invaluable (self taught) technical support during the migration, this made the whole transition easier for the team and obviously reduced stress levels.

    Ryan is a valued member of the team and we look forward to developing his programme support skills in his level 4 apprenticeship, which he is due to start this month."

    Heather Evans Manager at Opportunity Sutton.

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